News from the summit

Please read the 2015 Annual meeting notes.

The new 2016 schedule is as follows:

Hoopa Hillclimb | May 28-29 | California Coast Range
Cascade Lakes Hillclimb | June 11-12 | Ashland, OR
Freezeout Hillclimb | June 25-26 | Emmett, ID
Larison Rock Hillclimb | July 2-3 | Oakridge, OR
Bible Creek Hillclimb | Aug 13-14 | Oregon Coast Range
Bogus Basin Hillclimb | September 3-4 | Boise, ID
Mary Hill Hillclimb | September 17-18 | Goldendale, WA

Stock class competitors: Please read the 2015 updated rules. NHA is following the SCCA changes in tires for these classes. More can be found on the rules page.

What’s Your Life And Well-Being Worth?

This will be pretty direct. Hill climbs, like many motorsports events, entail risk. You sign a waiver, and you’re basically on your own. Even if you don’t drive beyond your abilities, such as mechanical failures, like broken axles, can happen. In an instant, you can change from a driver into a “passenger,” with no control over where you might end up.

Many organizations, such as SCCA and CACC, are requiring a HANS or a like device of a different manufacturer, for motorsports events. My personal opinion is that it will be only a matter of time that NHA requires these devices as well.

Yes, we’re talking about a $600 plus expense. But, what if you went off course and sustained serious injuries, which might have been prevented by using a neck restraint device? Do you want to play with your kids/grandkids from a wheelchair? Or worse? Not if you can help it. In reality, this is pretty cheap insurance.

Do you buy a “Starbucks” at the drive through every day? Kick that habit, prepare your coffee in a thermos, and you can probably save enough in less than a year, to buy the device of your choice.

We have been lucky so far.

Bob Sherman