2014 NHA Results

Congratualtions to our King and Queens of the hills.

2014 NHA Class Champions

Formula Libra Ladies Champion | Brenda Brock
H Stock | Dave Bard
SMF Champion| Brent Norgaard
SMF | Mike Mullikin
SM Champion | Stefan Denham
SS Champion | Robert Rousseau
SS | Willy Cosby
HCP Champion | Jerimiah Church
Formula Libra Champion | Dave Kipperman
Formula Libra | Doug Defesne
Formula Libra | Tony Chilton
GT 1 | Harry Cadell
STX | Jack Wetterly
STR Champion | Ron Ronchetto
OSPU | Andrew Vanbortel
F Production Champion | Marie Sherman
F Production Champion | Bob Sherman
SPL Champion | Jennifer Ocker
STX Champion | Jack VanWettering
STX Champion | Steve VanWettering
DSP Champion | Jimmy Hofsteller
E Stock Champion | Wilke Myers